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I feel truly blessed that someone other than my family and friends recognized my blog. Knowing my hard work is paying off one baby step at a time helps me continue to feel positive about the things that I am doing. This recognition makes me feel more encouraged to keep posting on my blog. Despite my 9-5 job and other responsibility. This nomination reminds me never to give up. Thank you so much, Laura, for nominating my blog and for giving me a glimmer of hope.


Laura from lauratulipblog.wordpress.com selected my blog for the Blogger Recognition Award. Laura writes about her memoir, travel experience, and food reviews to her blog that she can share with her grandchildren when she turns 90 years old. So please visit her blog and read her post. Also, if you want to know who are the other bloggers, Laura nominated, please visit this link: https://lauratulipblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/25/thank-you-for-the-serotonin/


Just in case you are wondering what is Blogger Recognition Award and how it works. Below, I have written a short explanation what Blogger Recognition Award is all about, advice on how to be a successful blogger and instruction how to nominate other bloggers.


What is Blogger Recognition Award?

Blogger Recognition Award was created to help bloggers to gain more exposure to the world wide web, and to recognize blogs that provide excellent entertainment, useful tips, and inspiration to their readers. 


Tips for new bloggers:

1. Provide a beautiful web layout to your blog that allows your reader to search for the content they need quickly.

2. Add pictures to your blog that makes your potential reader want to find more information about your blog post.

3. Do not be afraid and worry about what other people say about your blog. What is important is you are doing something that makes you happy and shows your creative side.

4. Don't give up, keep posting to your blog. Never stop networking with other bloggers, and always think positive. 


Instruction: Once you are nominated; please take the time to choose 15 other bloggers that you think that provide excellent contents to their viewers. Write a brief description of the blogs you think deserve the honor to receive the Blogger Recognition Award, and link their website address for your readers to visit their blog. Also, make sure to write short information what is the Blogger Recognition Award in your own words, and small advice to help new bloggers to become successful. Lastly, mention the blogger who nominated you. Once you posted your Blogger Recognition Award to your blog, notify the people you selected to inform them that you have chosen them to receive the Blogger Recognition Award. I kindly ask you to take the time to nominate others as the person who nominated you; has taken the time to read your blog post, and write about your blog. Imagine how happy you felt when you receive a message informing you that your blog got nominated! Do the same for others and make someone smile! NOTE: You are not obligated to appoint anyone to receive the Blogger Recognition Award if you choose not to. 


Here are the 15 bloggers that I am giving the honor to receive the Blogger Recognition Award. These Blogs possess great content for their readers, has an incredible web design layout, and post beautiful pictures on their blog.


1. ourhomeonpurpose.com

Brennan provides helpful information about meal planning, organizing your home, and DIY. The best part is she gives a free worksheet to help you get organized.


2. brendamueller.com

This blog Inspires others to be more positive and tips on how to turn your life around when you face difficulties. This blog is truly inspiring as Brenda shows how you can turn your life around for the better.


3. www.kendrasandersthewriter.com

A Lifestyle blog of Kendra that documents how affirmation and being more grateful improved her life. In this blog, she provides books that she recommends her viewers to read and inspirational quotes.


4. www.simplyreeni.com

Reeni provides useful information about essential oils, natural remedies, and powering women to live a healthier life free of harmful chemicals. 


5. onclaudinine.com

Claudi documents her experience traveling the world and provides helpful tips for people who plan to visit the places she had visited.  


6. thehealthhustle.org

Morgan shares healthy recipes on her blog; which I will try myself. Also, she provides advice, inspiration, fitness, and topics that bring a smile to her readers.


7. xukkhini.com

Peter shares his inspirational journey of keeping his body in shape and provide advice about staying healthy and physically active.


8. stepbackandbreathe.com

Lisa writes about her experience coping with mental illness and provides awareness about the issue; while documenting wondering events with her family.


9. thecurioussparrow.wordpress.com

Isie shares her personal experience being an English teacher, helpful tips how to become an English teacher overseas, and travel adventures.


10. www.themomslifecycle.com

Sella provides fun sewing projects and recipes; while sharing her life experience being a mom living in Paris.


11. www.beccachic.com 

Looking for outfit ideas, what is trending in the fashion industry, and fashion advice? Look no further Rebecca got you covered.


12. www.boom2bloom.com

Sandra and Janet did an excellent job providing detailed information about holistic health, travel, recipe, relationship advice or life in general for midlife.


13. dagmarapostelle.com

Dagmara writes about finding balance in our life, and how doing yoga provides a lot of benefits to our overall health and wellbeing.


14. journeyingbyfaith.com

Lureta created a fantastic website that shares knowledge about Christ and inspirational stories about faith. I truly enjoy reading her blog post.


15. www.drtonidds.com

What better way to get advice regarding dental care, but other than Dr. Toni who is a dentist. She is very passionate about her profession and educating others how to take good care of their teeth.


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    Toni | Dr Toni DDS (Tuesday, 28 November 2017 19:36)

    Congratulations! You gave some very helpful and practical tips. Thanks for the nomination. :-)

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    Dagmara (Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:49)

    Thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate you thinking of my little blog. :)