Hello, everyone! I am a certified Health Information Management Practitioner, and currently working Full-Time in Downtown Toronto. I love making accessories as my way of escaping from reality. I have a wonderful husband who is my greatest fan and inspiration; while our dog is my source of happiness. My husband and our dog are a vital part of my life, so I decided to combine their names to mine, and (DRUM ROLL) "Geormerik" is born! My official brand name/domain name. My ultimate aspiration is to open a successful online store selling my handmade accessories. The thought of owning an online store someday encourages me to work harder to make my dream come true. I know it's a lot of work, but I am ready for a new venture! Equipped with my crafty little hands, and passion for arts and crafts. I am willing to face the path that scares me the most; despite my fear, I know this is going to help me grow. I will be documenting my progress in attaining my life's goal in this blog.  All handmade accessories I post in this blog will be up for sale once I open my online store. I hope you like and support my handmade accessory designs.

George is a Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix breed. He is full of energy and character. He is my workout buddy who keeps pushing me to take him outside for a long walk whether it is snowing or not. Thanks to him I always reach my 10,000 steps goal a day. George is a famous dog in my neighborhood as he uses his charm and cuteness to get my neighbors' attention. His favorite tricks are high five, roll over, sit, up, down, and body check.


Mekaela is my younger sister, who works as an ECE during the day and my supermodel for my blog during her spare time. She loves fashion and makeup, and she is excited to join me to share her knowledge with everyone. As creative as I am she is ready to use her skills to this blog, and I am grateful to have her on my team. Having my sister on the team helps boost my confidence as I continue to create more handmade accessories and post my completed projects to my website.

Erik is my wonderful husband and best friend. I am grateful to God for blessing me a man that loves me and cares for me so much! He supports me with all my dreams and encourages me to do my best! Erik is always there for me willing to lend a helping hand. My husband and I got a lot of things in common. We love to play video games and watch Japanese anime during our spare time. We share the same dream to own a successful business, own a nice car, and to travel the world. With God the center of our relationship together we work hard to reach our goals.