Fertility Massage

There are many health benefits of having a massage therapy, and one of them is Stress Reduction. To my personal experience, more women are having a hard time convincing a child due to the stress, hormone imbalance, fatigue, etc. Some women are willing to spend thousands of dollars to undergo In vitro fertilization (IVF) or to have a test tube baby. However, there is an alternative natural and cost-effective solution to infertility. There are times the most common factor of infertility is stress, and Massage therapy is known to help reduces stress. Also, there are other health benefits of having a Fertility Massage to a woman desiring to convince a child.
Listed below are the Health Benefit of Fertility Massage:
- Help break down the scar tissue
- Promote Hormone Balance
- Reposition titled uterus
- Help reduce stress hormones
- Improve blood circulation to the uterus and cervix
- Help to get rid of stagnant old tissues and blood in the uterus

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