Little Furry Monsters

It is more than a month I haven't posted anything on my blog. I have suffered from a writer's block syndrome or to my case artisan's block if that is even a word. Luckily, I am back thanks to my husband for inspiring me to make car fresheners. I find buying car fresheners is expensive, plus it is not healthy for you. As the car fresheners, you buy in the grocery store are full of harmful chemicals that are detrimental to your body. As a result, I decided to create car fresheners where you can use Essential oil to freshen your vehicle.  Using Essential oil as an aroma therapy is beneficial to your body; compare to using a car freshener you buy in the grocery store. I used to buy air fresheners and scented candles all the time as we have a dog and throughout years that I been using the air freshener and scented candles, I always suffer from a cold and respiratory problem that never goes away no matter how much medication I take. Then I found online that using air freshener or scented candles is harmful to your body as it contains chemicals that cause people to have all different types of respiratory problem in the long run. Therefore, I discovered that defusing Essential oils keeps your home smelling fresh and clean. Also, it helps improve your health. The moment I started defusing essential oils to remove the pet smell in our house; I began to see a huge difference in my body, and I no longer suffer from cold or any respiratory problem that I used to experience when I use scented candles and Air Freshener I bought in the grocery store! As a result, I decided to make a car freshener for my husband's car so that he can enjoy a nice relaxing scent while driving his car. The best Essential Oils to use in the car are Lime, Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, and Grapefruit. As these essential oils help you boost your energy while driving. To my opinion avoid using Lavender Essential Oil as this induce sleep, and you don't want to take a snooze while driving. Warning, please don't sleep and drive. It is not good for your health or everyone around you if you know what I mean!


 3 Simple Instruction how to use Essential Oil to these Little Furry Monsters Car Freshener.


Step 1: Get your favorite citrus Essential oil.

Step 2: Put drops of essential oil to the Car Freshener. Note: You can put as many drops of Essential Oil as you want, but make sure you don't bath the Car Freshener with Essential oil as that will be messy for you to clean up!

Step 3: Attach the Car Freshener by clipping it to the Car A/C  and enjoy the fresh scent of your vehicle.

My Husband was happy to take pictures of the Car Freshener I made for him in his vehicle.

Just in case you are wondering where I buy my Essential Oils. My first set of Essential Oils I purchased on Amazon. My second set I got on Edens Garden website. However, Essential Oils is becoming popular, and I have seen stores in Fairview Mall here in Toronto that sells Essential Oils; which I will be trying once I run out of my favorite Essential oils. Also, I found my favorite health store called Healthy Planet sells Essential oils as well!

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    Micky (Tuesday, 01 August 2017 21:30)

    I just bought some oils. Make me one!<3

  • #2

    Merdy (Wednesday, 02 August 2017 14:12)

    Sure I will make one for you :)