Wire Wrapped Potion Pendant

I love making Wire Wrapped Jewelry because there are no rules in making Wire Wrapped Jewelry. You form the wire the way you want it. Like painters with their canvas, wire wrapping is a way an Artisan like myself channel my creativity. To me, wire wrapped jewelry looks like an out of this world accessories. Something that you can only find in fantasy movies or TV shows. I love reading and watching anything related to the fantasy genre. My favorite TV show is Game of Thrones, and my favorite books are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I know I am a total nerd. I watch and read anything related to magic, dragons, or supernatural beings. My obsession with fantasy genre brought me to create a wire wrapped pendant, and I imagine Khaleesi would wear this Wire Wrapped Jewelry if she lives in a modern world like ours. Just in case for the people who never watch Game of Thrones; Khaleesi is one of the main characters in the show that has three dragons. The design of this pendant is simple with a hint of gothic style; enough to satisfy ladies who love collecting out of the ordinary accessories. I decided to keep the design simple so that you can wear this pendant with your office clothes or casual attire. I call this a Potion Pendant because it looks like a medicine bottle from a mysterious magical island.

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    Amy (Tuesday, 18 July 2017 12:26)

    This is gorgeous! I love it!